Experiment V: Winter

I heard stories about the misery winter brings for the photographer. Few daylight hours… bland colours… cold harsh weather for equipment.

Funny, though, for a prairie dweller like myself, I always imagined there to a magic about winter… something special you can’t find anywhere else. So why not capture that? The last time I checked, this is what my experiment with film was all about… trying new ideas, making stuff look nice.

And for the record, I’d have to say… I like the results. Another experiment proven successful.








She stares into the mirror. Trying to remember what exactly she looks like. It is not like she hasn’t seen this face before… she sees it everyday.

But everyday the picture is slightly different. Everyday the face in the picture is changed. Everyday she is not quite the same as she was yesterday.

It is not that the mirror lies… it simply tells what once was.

A mere reflection.


Experiment IV: A Little Blue Narrative

I love the power of story. Unfortunately, creative writing has never been my forte. But as part of my new story with film unfolds, the ability to tell a story through photography has quietly excited me. Continue reading “Experiment IV: A Little Blue Narrative”

Experiment III: Colour

My recent introduction into the world of 35mm film photography has been an exciting, challenging, and grand adventure. Having shot a few rolls of B & W film, including two that were expired, I decided it was time to buckle up and venture into the exciting realm of colour. Continue reading “Experiment III: Colour”

Experiment II: Wine Glasses and Expired Film

Amidst the discovery of a vintage SLR camera in the basement, there was an unexpected bonus: untouched black and white film. The only obstacle of course, was that it was at minimum 20 years expired. Research however, indicated that expired black and white film could be shot and result in some pleasant looking images if the f-stop was pushed. Continue reading “Experiment II: Wine Glasses and Expired Film”


There is no greater mystery then that which we live in. Continually, I find myself dumbfounded by the actions of people, the course of events, and the peculiarities of nature. The harder I look, the more I see, and the less I understand. The simple things often made complex, and the elaborate thesis reduced to a single thought. Throw this in with the mélange of everyday life, deadlines, commitments, expectations, and more often than not, I find myself overwhelmed. To slow it down is hopeless, and to comprehend it is impossible. Continue reading “Pursuit”

Experiments in film: Vancouver Island

Plans were put in motion for a family trip to Vancouver Island. Hotels were booked, attractions researched and suitcases packed. However the plans were yet to be expanded with the discovery of a Canon AE-1 in the basement. This discovery led to the reading of books, and a trip to London Drugs to buy a roll of ISO 400 black and white film. And as such the fun began. Continue reading “Experiments in film: Vancouver Island”

The Fate of Humanity

Humanity is doomed. It really has nothing left to give. Perhaps there may be small glimmers of hope, but these do not last, simply fading away with everything else that once was good. We go about our days working a global economy that relies on the backs of slaves around the world. Millions of people lie homeless while a few desolate, confused people hold wealth that they don’t know what to do with. Immorality is prevalent in society, as people forsake morals for ideas like “relativism.” Right and wrong, good and bad, the lines between them becoming ever more faint with each passing day. Continue reading “The Fate of Humanity”