First an important video about the number three (which will also explain the title of this post).

A substantial amount of time has passed since my last update, and for that I apologize; I will attempt to fill you in on the goings on here as best I can.

Seven weeks ago, I got a roommate–Merry the beta fish. Unfortunately he passed on about two weeks after his arrival.

Following his departure, Genoveve gave me a new friend–Gandalf the beautiful red beta fish. However, it was only about a week before he too found his way down to the Clearwater river. I concluded that I cannot keep fish alive and packed my little tank into a box and put it in my closet. It was a sad day.

Accepting the fact that I could not keep fish alive, after Thanksgiving break I received two new companions: a Boston fern and a spider plant. They’re harder to kill, harder to get emotionally attached to, and they keep the air clean in my room. It might be what you call a win-win. The spider plant has been flowering lately too, and it looks rather nice.

The flowering spider plant in all of its glory.
The flowering spider plant in all of its glory.

Besides my drama with fishes and ferns, life has been going along fairly well. Since my last update, I’ve had three classes: History and Theology of Worship, Intro to Media Arts, and Synoptic Gospels. History and Theology of Worship has been my favorite class so far and we read through an excellent book by D.A. Caron called “Worship by the Book.” We talked a bunch about worship in the context of the New Covenant, developing liturgy and a bunch of other good stuff. It was very much fun. In Intro to Media Arts we played a bunch with video, lighting and some audio work. It was a quick class, but fun none-the-less. It was what we call an “experiential class,” so my final project was a video instead of a paper. Here it is if you’re so interested.

Synoptic Gospels was a long class, and while it was interesting, I’m glad it’s finally over.

Besides classes, we had a Campus Experience weekend where the CCA’s lead worship for the weekend, which was the first time we’ve led together as a group. There were a couple hiccups, but it went well all things considered. We also lead at the youth group at the Church of the Nazarene in Caroline every second week.

Genoveve and I have been attending Living Branches Community Church in Rocky Mountain House. It’s a good midsize church and we’re getting to know the people there better. I’m one of the worship leaders there now, so that’s pretty exciting.

Over the weekends, the students have gone to the Calgary Zoo, and Genoveve and I have gone on a hike in Nordegg. Other than that, we mostly just hang around here at the college. It’s starting to get cold, so you have to bundle up to go for a walk, but it’s still pretty nice.

Music lessons are going well; I’m learning a bunch on the guitar, my vocal range is expanding, and I’m getting much better at singing harmony. I’ve started playing electric more as well in the context of praise and worship music, which is something I never really felt comfortable about before. All in all, I feel like I’m learning stuff.

The biggest thing I’ve been struggling with is just being stuck here. Sometimes, it can be hard to feel like you can do anything for the kingdom of God when you’re stuck out in the middle of (almost) nowhere. But because of this, I’m learning more about the power of prayer and realizing more and more how very important it is to pray.

I apologize that this was so long-winded, a lot has happened since the last update! I’m very much looking forward to Christmas, and being home again.

All the best,


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