Hello friends and family,

As the long weekend comes to a close and with it my first week at Bible College, I am pleased to present the second update. When I left you last we were in the middle of orientation, learning all about life here on campus. It was mostly a bunch of rules.

On Thursday we went on a hike to Siffleur Falls in Nordegg. It was a great time out to get to know my fellow students and teachers a little more. I always forgot how much I love the mountains, they are so beautiful–a tangible way of appreciating both the majesty and creativity of the man upstairs. I took some pictures on the hike, you can see them here.

Friday was our first day of classes. We’ve started with a class on Spiritual Disciplines, working through a book by Donald S. Whitney. The book is a little repetitive, and reads a bit like a self-help book, but our professor has a great testimony, and really brings the content to life.

It’s worth noting that around this time of the week, I saw the picture of Aylan Kurdi washed up on shore. It shook me quite a bit… I wrote about it here.

The long weekend was well… long. There wasn’t much to do, and it was mostly cold and rainy for the duration of the weekend. Genoveve and I made it all the way through the entire Lord of the Rings trilogy. A good number of the students attended Living Faith Fellowship this Sunday. The service was quite good. I think we’ll be checking out another church in Rocky next Sunday.

Before I take off, here’s some pictures of my room–my home for the next while.

View from the door
View from the door
Where I sleep (a.k.a. my bed)
Where I sleep (a.k.a. my bed)
the other side of my room
the other side of my room

Hopefully this was informative and not too long-winded. Kinda starting to miss home, but I’m getting use to life here, so I guess that’s good.


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