Hello family and friends!

It has occurred to me that some of you may be interested in my life here in Caroline. So, here’s an update! We are in the middle of orientation week, getting registered and settled here on the campus. I’ve met with the Dean of Education and the Dean of Men who are both very inviting and supportive. I’ve got my books I’ll been needing for the year, and I’ve already rearranged the furniture in my room.

There are only about 18 students this year at Living Faith, and a lot of them are first year students, so it makes it easier to get to know people, which is nice.

The Clearwater River
The Clearwater River

Genoveve and I did a bit of exploring and walked down to the Clearwater River–the campus is beautiful. I’m definitely going to enjoy the opportunity to explore the countryside around me, especially as the leaves start to turn colour.

I’m not sure how many updates I’ll be posting, but I’ll try and keep you in the loop as the semester progresses!

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  1. Hi Willi so happy to here from you. I know this is going to a good yr for you Love your pictures looks like a quite place. Please keep in touch with me still really miss not talking Sun. evenings.
    Love gramma xxoo

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