As Lorenzo was staring at Percy as he talked, he began to become less shocked and more overjoyed. Now he could have a friend to talk to about everything under the lights of the office. He would no longer have to feel glum about life’s circumstances: now he would have a friend!


As Percy continued to talk, Lorenzo continued to listen in complete happiness. Just waiting for his turn to say something or ask a question.


As the days wore on and Lorenzo continued to work at his office Percy continued to talk about everything he could think of. Lorenzo began to feel more glum and before. This new friend he thought he had found was not what he expected at all. One long, meeting filled day Lorenzo had had enough.  He turned to Percy and snapped “Do you ever stop talking!”


Shocked Percy replied “I’m sorry. I didn’t know you could speak! When I first introduced myself you just stared at me.” Continuing on he said “I was so lonely for someone to talk to I didn’t care if they spoke back.”

After an exchanging of apologies and getting the full side of each other stories they became fast friends. They remained this way, talking, laughing and experiencing the office life together for the rest of time. It was a bond that could never be broken and they couldn’t be happier.


(The end)


IMG_0451The Adventures of Lorenzo the Llama are written by Genoveve Zepeda. Photographs are by willi whiston.

Llorenzo is actually an alpaca.

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Generally nice guy.

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