I love the power of story. Unfortunately, creative writing has never been my forte. But as part of my new story with film unfolds, the ability to tell a story through photography has quietly excited me.

One day, while I was going through a case found in the basement, I found something that proved to be interested; an undeveloped roll of film. Examination proved it be a 30-year-old roll of C-41 colour goodness ready to be used. {The only drawback was that the “development included” label was void since  the company that it was bought from is no longer in existence}.

Once loaded into my camera, the film was taken off to oma and opa’s house to be shot. Around supper time, I was setting up some potential shots, but the trouble was, I could never get the composition quite right.

Then came the brilliant idea – the toys. What if I were to shoot some of my old favorite toys – the smurfs – amidst the house that I spend so much of my childhood in. As such, the shooting began.

The first shot involved spilling the smurfs on the workbench downstairs, a fortunate event for the smurfs. I think the rest of the story can explain itself…

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Generally nice guy.

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