Freedom is never free. Freedom never was free. Freedom never will be free. Freedom comes with a cost. Freedom requires sacrifice. Freedom requires pain. Freedom requires blood. Freedom is never free.

Sacrifice requires that something be given for something else. Sacrifice is hard. Sacrifice is painful. Humanly speaking, it’s nearly impossible. But sacrifice shows love. Intense love. Real love. A love that puts someone else first.

Pain comes with hardship. Pain can be the result of a circumstance, or the cause of it. Pain comes with tears. More than often pain comes with blood. But pain is almost always good. The body uses pain to notify you if there’s something wrong inside of you. While that thing may be bad, the pain is good. However, there is always and end to pain. This end brings not just freedom from pain, but freedom from what causes pain. Pain comes with freedom.

Blood is vital. Vital to life. If it weren’t for blood, the human race could not exist. Blood is required for holiness. It cleanses. It cleans. It washes the wrong, the sin from what is blemished. Blood is life.

Freedom is given. Given with grace. Given with love. Given with joy. It requires much. But it is given freely by those who choose to give it. Those who receive it can do nothing to earn it for they are in bondage. Sometimes this bondage is unjust, but more than not, it is brought on by one’s self, like the chains of Jacob Marley.

The requirements for true freedom are high, too high for any human, and certainly unobtainable for one in bondage. Those who purchase freedom must be free themselves. They must be free of blemish or bruise. Those who purchase freedom must sacrifice themselves for what is required for freedom. They must experience punishment and pain, not for what they did, but for what is required for freedom. They are few and far between. In fact there is only one.

His name is Jesus. He made available true freedom for people like me, people put in bondage by there own actions. People wearing their own chains. He took upon himself these chains, my sins, and paid the required price, a high price, for my freedom. He underwent great pain, and shed much blood. Pain and blood meant for me. By doing this, he fulfilled what I could not. He paid the price which I could not afford. He acted as the atonement which I could not provide.

He extended grace. He extended love. He extended freedom.

Jesus is the bringer of freedom.

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